5 Reasons to visit Coolum Beach

5 Reasons to visit Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach is an ideal destination that appeals to visitors of all ages. As one of the most picturesque locations on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, here are five reasons that tourists keep coming to Coolum from all over the world to experience its beauty and fun:

So Relaxing

The pristine sea winds set the mood for calm, relaxation, and fun on the white sand beaches of the coastal town of Coolum Beach. The laid-back feel of the town fits well with the goals many vacationers have involving relaxation. To see a lot of the beauty in the area while resting, take a cruise on the river or canal. Short cruises along the Noosa River allows plentiful views of both man-made and natural wonders.

Perfect Spot for Exploring

Coolum Beach is located in close proximity to sprawling, varied national parks. Mount Coolum National Park, which inspired the name of the gorgeous beach and town, offers remarkable coastal views, hiking trails, abundant bird viewing opportunities, and wildflowers.

Great Surfing!

Surfing is another big appeal of this part of the Sunshine Coast. Not only is is near a renowned surfing school, but it’s also welcoming to both novice and experienced surfers. Surfers can bring their own board or rent them on the beach. Long boards, short boards, and body boards are all a good fit here.

So Much to Do

It is also a fun place for diving and snorkelling. Safe, guided snorkelling tours are available from hosts that know the best spots on the coast to observe the colourful corals and splendid sea creatures. If you aren’t looking for something quite that daring, whale watching tours can be a great experience, and humpback whales can often be seen from the shores of Coolum Beach during their yearly migration.

Family Friendly

Because many of the beaches are patrolled, Coolum Beach is a safe and secure place for families to visit. There is a fair amount of privacy even in the public areas, and a host of family-friendly activities are available as well. From swimming to kite-flying to the plethora of kid-friendly restaurants, families will have an especially fun time here.

For more information on Coolum Beach and everything it has to offer, make sure you talk to the friendly staff at Clubb Coolum!