A Day out at Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo tigers at play

A Day out at Australia Zoo

A visit at the Australia Zoo is not to be missed when you are visiting the Sunshine Coast.

Each exhibit was a dream of the late naturist Steve Irwin. He wanted to bring nature alive for visitors without sacrificing the quality of life for the animals, and he did it with this world class zoo. You can see things here that you will see nowhere else on Earth. As a first time visitor to the Sunshine Coast, I couldn’t wait to go.

My day started early. At 9am I was at the gates, ready and raring to go. Sadly I was already too late to walk with the tiger. Those are easy morning scheduled walks with one of the most deadly big cats in the world. At this zoo lucky people can join one of these amazing animals on a morning stroll – and take home the pictures to prove it! Maybe on my next visit. As a big fan of tigers, their habitat was my first stop though. I enjoyed watching them lounge amongst bamboo and the ruins of an ancient temple, which made me feel like I was a world away in an authentic Asian habitat.

As amazing as the Tiger Temple is, I couldn’t tarry too long with them. I wanted to see the morning Otters at play. This event is a daily fun for the whole family event. Sleek and slick otters playfully compete with each other and play with their keepers during their breakfast. I couldn’t take enough photos of their antics!

Next up was the Koala Walk-Through. These koalas are friendly little guys, though not very active during the daytime due to their nocturnal sleeping pattern, but still very entertaining to watch, especially the baby koalas. I managed to get a photo cuddling a koala as well. That is a portrait I will treasure forever.

After all of the cute koala cuddles I was ready to come face to face with the crocs. I headed over to the Crocoseum to see the show. First, let me tell you about this exhibit. It is the world’s only clear water croc habitat. Designed by Steve Irwin himself, it lets you see up close and personal just how these deadly predators live and hunt in a natural setting. It houses several male Saltwater Crocodiles…and each day at 2:30 one is fed! Let’s just say I will never look at a billabong in the same way again. Scary.

After watching the crocs feed I was a bit hungry myself. On the way to the Feeding Frenzy food court I spotted a rather talkative exhibit. I was able to chat with a rather friendly and smart native parrot.

After my long day at the park I was grateful to see the courtesy bus in the parking lot. Although the Australia Zoo is just a 40 minute drive from Coolum Beach I had chosen to enjoy a quiet ride back. I wanted to relive my adventure through my photographs before relaxing by the ocean in the evening.