Coolum Beach – revisiting the beachside holiday memories

Coolum Beach family holiday

Coolum Beach – revisiting the beachside holiday memories

I still have so many great memories of growing up as a child, but going on our yearly beachside holiday with my parents was one of the childhood activities that I loved most. I vividly remember the fun I used to have in those days and often find myself missing them. I would get an unusual excitement every time my parents mentioned to me that we would be visiting the beachside. The moments we had during the beach holidays were memorable, and I still remember them to date like they were only yesterday. I love beaches, but Coolum Beach is one outstanding beach that I never had enough of visiting. This beach offered so much for me as a child, such as building sandcastles with moats to protect it from the incoming tide and small waves, as well as knowing I felt safe wading through the waves while my older brothers enjoyed the nearby surfing spots. Then afterwards we would walk up from the beach and cross the road to the local ice cream shop which would always have my favourite flavour waiting to cool me down after a day of fun in the sun.

As we got older and got to learn about Coolum more we would venture and explore the nearby rock pool enclosures that were teaming with marine life such as small crabs and urchins, tiny fish that darted into the safety of the shadows so they would be spotted by us as we approached, and occasionally we would find something rare, such as a tiny octopus, or a Cowrie shell. Every year we would see who could be the first to find one of the rare Cowrie shells, and it was always my mission to be the first.

Some afternoons we would take a stroll down along the beaches as the sun went down and run along what seemed like the widest and longest beach in the world to me, chasing seagulls and running as close to the breaking waves as I could without getting wet, though I always did in the end!

As I got older, we took the small hike up to the top of Mount Coolum one morning, and for a child it was a bit of a struggle though a lot of adventurous fun, and the views were amazing. I had never been up somewhere so high to look down along such a wide open coastline.
I felt like I was the king of the castle!

It was those memories that made me long for going back to the beach at Coolum year after year as a child.

I kept telling myself that I would make sure my kids must have the kind of fun that I had in my childhood days by re-visiting Coolum beach with them.

Last holiday, I took my children to Coolum Beach when their schools closed for the summer holidays. I was amazed to discover that the fun and joy we had in those days remains, 30 years after. I could read from their faces the happiness and the joy they had during the beach holiday. They took part in all the activities that greatly excited us in my childhood days like swimming, boat riding, skating, and surfing among others. It was a big struggle convincing them that it was time to leave for home.

I could, however, understand them as it was the same case between me and my parents back then.

It was then I truly realised that visiting Coolum was not just a yearly holiday, but a lifetime experience I was so grateful for, and so glad I could share my experiences and relive them with my children, and hopefully their own children in years to come.