Discover the awesome views from Mount Coolum

Mount Coolum Beach views

Discover the awesome views from Mount Coolum

Mount Coolum is a very tranquil and beautiful place to visit. It has a scenic stairs where you can climb to the top making it an attractive place for runners and fans of fitness. The Sunshine Coast is an absolutely wonderful place to plan your next holiday with many attractions surrounding Mount Coolum.

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  • Some Very Interesting Facts About Mount Coolum

The scenery at Mount Coolum is just a small part of what makes it special as a visitor’s attraction for the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Mount Coolum is an isolated  volcano dome located  directly by the sea. It is roughly 208 meters high and has a circumference of area of one square kilometre.

Mount Coolum takes about thirty minutes to walk for the physically fit and is  rather easy to climb to the top. Mount Coolum is also the home to about forty different species of ferns. For plant lovers this is a dream come true.

  • Mount Coolum Golf Club

Besides being absolutely beautiful there are many things to do on your Sunshine Coast holiday. If you love playing golf be sure to play at Mount Coolum Golf Club. The scenic views are breathtaking as you play the sport you love. This beautiful club has plenty of great amenities such as refreshments and a very relaxing club house with gorgeous views. Mount Coolum Golf Club is a winner on your list for things to do on Holiday.

  • Aqua Fun Family Park

Plan a day and bring the kids to Aqua Fun Family Park around Mount Coolum for a wonderful family fun time. This great park is full of slides and floats and fun all day long for adults or children. Explore and climb all the great attractions. Have a day of watery fun and stay all day with the kids or for the kid in you.


  • Rock Climbing on Mount Coolum

Mount Coolum is great for rock climbing. If you are an avid rock climber you will love climbing Mount Coolum for The Cave and The Crag experience. These are some of the steepest and longest climbs in Queensland. Mount Coolum has majestic views so bring your gear and plan to take your time and enjoy every minute of your holiday stay.

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