Discover a little bit of Venice on the Sunshine Coast

Discover a little bit of Venice on the Sunshine Coast

Imagine stepping back in time, and picturing yourself in the romantic waterways of Venice, cruising along silently, apart from the lapping of the water against the bow of your boat, and the sound of the oarsman gently powering your vessel along, while all the cares in the world vanish, as you sip on your favourite champagne and enjoy a delicious seafood platter, sharing the ultimate romantic indulgence with your partner.


Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?


Well, Venice may be a long way from the Sunshine coast, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the experience.


The canals and waterways of popular Noosa are picture perfect when viewed from the shore, but even better when you view it from a Gondola.


When it comes to ‘bucket-list’ experiences, a Noosa Gondola cruise is an experience which really can’t be described in words, and has to be experienced first hand.


Gondalas of Noosa owners Richard and Tanya Wilschke allows others to live out the fantasy romantic dream of cruising the sparkling waterways of Noosa, gently cruising past the luxury multi million dollar homes of Noosa, taking in the local wildlife that lives along this great area, and then take you out into the crystal clear waters of Noosa River, where you can capture a timeless moment set amongst the picturesque backdrop of the popular Noosa landscape.


Whether it’s a loved one’s birthday, a romantic weekend for two, your wedding or honeymoon, or just something special to do just because you can, the Noosa Gondola experience really is something so special.


The Gondola is just like a traditional Venice Gondola, with a few additions, such as a covered roof, and very comfortable seats that will almost send you to sleep if you’re not careful!

This is one of the most relaxing cruises you will ever endure.


The Noosa Gondola cruise has a number of options, including a breakfast cruise, Lunch or Dinner, or the romantic moonlight dessert cruise. All are worth the experience, and it is much more affordable than you might think.


So if you are planning a visit to the Sunshine Coast and want to experience something a little special that you will remember for ever, plan a Noosa River Gondola cruise.
The Gondolas of Noosa cruises are only a short drive from your Coolum Beach holiday accommodation, so talk to the staff at Clubb Coolum Beach resort when booking your accommodation and they can help arrange all your Sunshine Coast tours before you arrive.