Discover Noosa’s National Park

Discover Noosa’s National Park

Spread out over some of the most beautiful land on Earth, Noosa Natural Park is a nature lover’s delight. Founded in 1879, Noosa is one of the most popular Australian nature refuges in the country, in part because it is easily reached from local Coolum Beach. This picturesque natural reserve has over 65,000 hectares of land populated by rare animals and birds. There are tidal wetlands to explore, relaxing lush greenery to enjoy and amazing surf to experience.

A Walker’s Delight

Through continual conservation work and care, Noosa has expanded from a tiny insignificant park to a diverse and functional series of ecosystems. The conservationists have been able to create a continuous greenbelt of untouched land from Noosa Heads to Coolum Beach. This ensures healthy populations of plants and animals who are able to move about without fear of harm.

Noosa Park boosts a very well designed systems of trails and walkways along its many habitats and natural wonders. The well-marked and maintained trails cover an area of over 2290 hectares. A visitor can start at the Noosa Parks Gallery and Information Centre and cover much of the park on foot from this central location. The main park entrance is another fine place to begin exploring. Simply park the car at the main entrance and select a trail.

Many visitors choose to walk the ocean side pathway. It runs from Sunshine Beach, out and through the beaches and ocean headlands of the park and through the scenic Hastings Street town centre. This is one of the most varied and picturesque pathways in the park. Other walkways include the very popular pathway to Hell’s Gate and a path that crests the highest hill in the park, Noosa Hill. No matter which is chosen, it will be unforgettable.

Australian Nature at Its Finest

Noosa Park has four main sections to visit. These are the Headland Section, the Emu Mountain Section, the Peregian Section and the East Weyba Section. Each area includes different mixtures of habitat and wildlife. The Headland is the most popular, including sections of kauri pine and hoop rain-forest. The Peregian Section is well known for hosting the rare Australian swamp orchid and many other wild flowers. Another popular part of the park are the tidal wetlands found around the islands of Keyser, Goat and Sheep.

Convenient to Coolum Beach

Many park visitors choose to stay at nearby Clubb Coolum. Located in Coolum Beach, visitors can enjoy a short travel time to all of the local attractions without the hassle of long drives to great attractions such as Noosa Park.