Discover the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Discover the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Indulge the artist in your soul while visiting Coolum Beach on the magnificent Sunshine Coast.

Most visitors come to Coolum Beach for the whale watching or for a fun time frolicking in the surf. Little do they realise that there is entirely different side to the area. A short drive from Coolum will bring you into the sunshine coast hinterland a magnificent area as diverse as it is breath-taking.

A visit to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is like crossing into a wonderland where the best from around the world has been brought together to create a multinational vacation opportunity all within a day’s driving distance.

Starts your excursion into the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with a visit to Maleny, home to a thriving art colony straight out of scene from rural England. Spend a day strolling through the diverse art galleries and studios or relax in one the wholly organic cafés that dot this quaint and very friendly area of the Sunshine Coast. If you still haven’t relaxed after this, further bliss can be found in one of the area’s many day spas, wineries or just by enjoying the magnificent views afforded by nature’s grandeur as look down upon the Glass House Mountains.

There is more to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland than art and relaxation though. Here you will find “Aussie World” a world class theme park featuring six unique venues to entertain the entire family, the world-renowned Australia Zoo, made famous by Steve Irwin the “Crocodile Hunter” himself, The Big Kart Track where you can race professional motorised Go-Karts around the largest track in Australia, and Bankfoot House a heritage residence built in 1868 featuring items spanning its entire history.

From European-style Wineries to Tropical Rainforest there is something for everyone in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Art collectors, history buffs, nature lovers, organic and whole food enthusiast as well as thrill seekers will all feel at home here.

If you are looking for a vacation or weekend away that is more than just another trip to the beach.

See more of the region with a Sunshine Coast Hinterland tour and take in a world of worlds in one easily accessible area.

Tony and the team at Clubb Coolum Beach resort are happy to help you plan any Sunshine Coast tours when you book your Coolum accommodation.