Discovering the Sunshine Coast’s National Parks

Discovering the Sunshine Coast’s National Parks

The Sunshine Coast is perfect for those that love adventure! Thanks to the amazing weather throughout the year, there are always National Parks to explore. If you are planning on going on a nice Sunshine Coast holiday or just want to clear your mind with a nice hike, these national parks are for you!


Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park has so many different amazing features that you could plan an entire holiday around it! No matter what time of year it is, you could go on a wonderful camping trip with your friends or family! Enjoy the fresh air while you explore the park. Take a deep breath and take in the most exquisite coastline. Take a relaxing walk around the park to clear your mind of all your troubles while becoming closer to nature. Embrace all of the beauty that it has to offer as you see koalas living in their natural habitat. If  you are lucky enough to be there between the months of June and November, you could experience majestic humpback whales. You could even see turtles and dolphins throughout the year.

noosa national park near Clubb Coolum Beach Resort

Conondale National Park

Conondale National Park is an amazing experience for anyone that loves nature. Spend a few days camping on the coast while experiencing all of the wildlife that nature has to offer in this location. See the amazing, rare wildlife and plant life as you explore the park. Handicapped accessible locations are available so that everyone can experience the beauty of nature firsthand. Maybe you could enjoy the rare specialty of seeing the yellow-bellied glider and the red goshawk. For those that love a real adventure, walk the amazing paths and go on gorgeous mountain bike rides. It is hard not to feel relaxed when you become one with nature. This location is even open to having horse rides.


Great Sandy National Park

If you are planning on going a camping holiday, this is the place for you. Enjoy time on the beach and see what marine life comes along. Wake up to the beautifully pink and blue skies in the morning, go exploring to see what the park has to offer you, and come back more full of awe than you have ever been. You can go fishing and enjoy your fresh meal that night. Walk the paths and see animals and plant life in their natural environment.


The Glass House Mountains National Park

The Glass House Mountains National park is an amazing experience for everyone that goes there. Walk amongst goannas, grey kangaroos, and koalas as you explore the volcanic mountains that have sincere historical value.  This is the perfect place for those that love to bird watch, including the glossy-black cockatoo which is an incredible experience. While there is no camping at the park itself, there are camping locations within a short distance. Go rock climbing or have a picnic while enjoying the sights.

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