Enjoy a scenic hike of Mount Coolum

Hiking up Mount Coolum on the Sunshine Coast

Enjoy a scenic hike of Mount Coolum

When traveling to Australia, nature lovers of all ages should make an effort to visit Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast. This is a beachside town located about 74 miles from Brisbane. It will be impossible for visitors to miss the breathtaking Mount Coolum. This mountain is actually an isolated volcanic dome that measures 208 metres in height, or 682.4 feet and covers an area of 1 square kilometre, or 246 acres. Viewing this amazing volcanic dome is definitely exciting, but it is even more fun if you take a hike all the way to the top.


If you are not in the best shape, or are not used to taking hikes up mountains, don’t worry because this hike is easy enough for those with a medium level of fitness. Hiking up Mount Coolum takes a half hour to an hour to reach the top, depending on your speed. As you progress up to the top, you will start to see the stunning views that the hike has to offer. If you plan on taking this hike, you should plan on it taking anywhere from 3 to 4 hours from start to finish.


When you reach the top, you will be able to take in the exceptional views that go from Noosa National Park all the way to Caloundra’s high rise buildings. There are also views of the Maroochy River as well as the cane fields. Not only are the views beautiful, but there are 590 species of flowering plants, 100 species of lesser plants, and 49 ferns at this location. These 700 plant types provide beauty that anyone will appreciate.


From the Club Coolum Resort, it only takes a few minutes’ drive to reach Mount Coolum. This hike is the perfect way to take a break from the stress of everyday life and just enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. This site is ideal for budding photographers, and anyone that loves the great outdoors. The 360 degree view of the Sunshine Coast is enough to take your breath away and its magnificent beauty is something that you will be able to picture in your mind for years to come. Hiking in such a beautiful location is one of the best way to burn off some calories and get your heart pumping without having to hit the crowded gym.

Visiting Mount Coolum is definitely something that should not be missed during your travels.