Enjoying Noosa’s Long Weekend Festival

Noosa Long weekend festival

Enjoying Noosa’s Long Weekend Festival

Once a year, the Sunshine Coast puts on a festival which sees visitors from near and far gather to, for a long weekend of fun and festivities, enjoyed by young and old.


Like any festival, it’s a celebration, and what better reason to celebrate than just for the fact that it’s a long weekend and it’s hosted in Noosa!


Yes, we’re talking about the Noosa Long Weekend Festival, to be held this year from 18th July to Sunday 27th July. Ok, so 10 days is a little longer than a ‘long weekend’, but if you are a regular visitor to Noosa you’ll know that every day is like a weekend.


July is an ideal time of the year for a Sunshine Coast festival as it is the Sunshine Coast ‘winter’, which means plenty of brilliant sunshine, cloudless skies, ideal beach conditions and in general, just a great time to celebrate everything that the Sunshine Coast has to offer, including dance, films, and many other cultural events, plus plenty of outstanding food!


This year there will be food safaris, which is as good as it sounds, as well as progressive lunches, amazing desserts on display and 3 course lunches galore.


The Noosa Long Weekend is always a sell out success, and finding any accommodation around Noosa in the lead up to the festival is near impossible, however nearby Coolum Beach is often a good option to find some great accommodation, overlookign the ocean, and only a short bus ride or drive to the Festival.


This year the festival is expecting more than 12,000 people to flock to the event, which features more than 250 international and Australian artists, including world renowned chefs, authors and artists.


This is truly ‘the’ cultural event of the Sunshine Coast calendar, and one that should not be missed. It’s also just a great excuse to visit the Sunshine Coast!


For more information and for accommodation availability in Coolum for the Noosa Long Weekend festival dates, contact Tony and the staff at Clubb Coolum Beach resort to ensure you don’t miss out.