Escape the Sydney winter and head to the Sunshine Coast

Escape the Sydney winter and head to the Sunshine Coast

You have started to think that winter is the coldest five months of the year.  At least, it feels like it is five months out of the year!  Although the time period may be somewhat exaggerated, you know in the core of ice that is your bone narrow however, that you need to get out of the draft and into the mild temperatures and warm waters of the Sunshine Coast.

If you find yourself in Sydney, and notice that you are processing symptoms of jealousy for the shrimp that’s about to go onto the Barbie because it will be hogging up the warmest available heat source, then it’s time to make your way down to the Sydney International Airport for a quick hour and a half trip down to the warm climate of the Sunshine Coast for a couple days of defrosting, decompressing, and relaxation.

Hiking, Golfing, and Relaxing…

When it comes to finding something to do on the Sunshine Coast, it is all about picking a region and just doing it.  From the beauty of the expansive Hinterlands to the magnificent sound of the splashing waves on Coolum Beach, the Sunshine Coast’s weather is at its best when Australia’s winter months are at their worst.

Picture yourself shaking off the cold of Sydney’s 5° Celsius weather with a midweek hike of the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland Great Walk, and defrost in the friendly company of koalas, possums, and kangaroos.

Indeed, the underdeveloped nature of the region stands in sharp contrast to Sydney’s urban milieu and you won’t be able to help notice the abundance of wildlife and open spaces that are your constant companion on your holiday getaway.

If the groomed greens of your local golf course are your preferred methods of receiving nature, then you are in luck.  The region not only boasts no fewer than a half-dozen award winning courses, but the annual Australian PGA Championship is proudly hosted by the Palmer Resort Coolum.

If your idea of fleeing the more inclement weather of Sydney’s winter is a relaxing day playing 18-holes of golf…the Sunshine Coast is your Mecca of warmth and comfort to spend time relaxing and rejuvenating this winter.

So escape the Sydney chills and head to the Clubb Coolum Beach resort on the Sunshine Coast and thaw out!