The fitness fanatics guide to Coolum Beach

Beachside fitness holiday at Coolum

The fitness fanatics guide to Coolum Beach

Physical exercise is the latest fad nowadays. There are numerous physical as well as health benefits that fitness fanatics get to enjoy by performing tasks.

Coolum Beach on the  Sunshine Coast of Australia offers a variety of opportunities for the fitness fanatics who visit the place. Beach lovers with an interest in fitness get not only to become physically fit by doing the exercises, but, they also have a lot of fun in the process.

Surfing is one of the engaging sports that they can get to enjoy. Those who live nearby can join the Coolum Surf Club and participate in the surfing competitions that are held occasionally. Surfing is quite a physical game that allows participants to tone their feet muscles and gain dexterity.

There is also an opportunity visitors to the Coolum Beach to do golfing. The Coolum Golf Club is conveniently located just a few minutes away from Clubb Coolum Resort. The local lawn bowls and aquatic center are also just nearby; thus golfers get to enjoy seeing the marine animals and play lawn bowls after a round of holes on the golf course.

Fitness fanatics at the beach also get to enjoy hiking and jogging on Mount Coolum. Some of them even make it more intense by jogging up the mountain while carrying tires and weights. The climb is usually steep, and it has steps that ease the hike. The steepness serves to make someone’s heart beat faster and make the exercise thrilling. The rewarding thing about the walk is that once the climbers reach the top of the mountain, they get a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking Sunshine Coast beach underneath.

Fitness enthusiasts can also run along the Coolum Beach coastline as well as the Coolum Boardwalk. They get to see a spectacular view of their way and appreciate what nature has to offer. Running is one of the activities that enables people to make a tremendous improvement change in their physique. Thus, it is quite popular on this particular beach.

Swimming is also another great sport that fitness fanatics can get to enjoy the Coolum waters. It is a sport that has the capability to strengthen the arms and the feet. The beach is safe for this kind of a game and swimmers have no fear doing the activity. They get to do either deep shore or offshore swimming depending on their experience and preference. It is quite an enjoyable activity that helps the exercise enthusiasts to enjoy their time on the beach.

Ideally, Coolum Beach is the fitness fanatics’ haven, considering the many ways that they get to exercise as they take in the beautiful scenery in the surrounding.

For more advice on your Sunshine Coast fitness workout talk to the Clubb Coolum staff and they can point you in the right direction.