The must-see places on the Sunshine Coast

The must-see places on the Sunshine Coast

Millions of visitors flock to the Sunshine Coast for holiday to enjoy the perfect weather, sunny beaches and water sports that define the area. The temperate tropical climate makes it a favored destination spot all times of the year. There are some areas that you really must-see and explore that many visitors aren’t aware of. It can help you get a well-rounded experience of affordable relaxation and adventure.

Noosa Heads

This is probably the most versatile area of them all. There is mountain hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking to be had. All of this is within minutes of the beach. It offers the full scope of getting out in nature in both the tropical forests and beaches. This is the perfect destination when you have family members that like to do a wide variety of activities, but you can’t afford to take 10 holidays a year. The mix of mountains, rivers, lakes and ocean are the ingredients of a truly adventurous holiday.

The Hinterland

The views are the most remarkable thing about the Hinterlands. It’s a very laid-back and relaxing experience that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and strict routine. If this needs to be a holiday of recharging, then you won’t find a better and more beautiful location to do just that. Let nature re-energize you as you look over the beautiful coastal countryside that leads down to the ocean.


This is where you want o head if you have a large group or family. The prices are much more affordable than many areas and the fun is just as easy to find. Kids want to spend a lot of time on the beach swimming, building sand castles and just experiencing all that it has to offer. Beach side accommodations can be ridiculously high in some spots of the Sunshine Coast, but not so with Caloundra. It’s very family friendly with shopping and great dining nearby. With all of the money you’ll save, you can stay longer and not skimp on the activities.


This area is arguably the social hub of the Sunshine Coast. There are walkways and paths that stretch over a countless area of beaches, shops and attractions for anyone and everyone. Kids can enjoy playing on the beach or an aquatic park and parents can enjoy the stylish boutique shopping and fine dining. There are nature trails for hiking, ocean waters for surfing and trails to wind along riding scooters. You’re guaranteed to feel welcome every moment.

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