The Nostalgic history of Coolum Beach

The Nostalgic history of Coolum Beach

Australia’s Sunshine Coast has become one of Australia’s most popular places to visit, and on top of that list is Coolum Beach, due to it’s perfect climate and beautiful uncrowded Beach, yet not many visitors know the true background of Coolum Beach.

Coolum officially became a township in the year 1946, but its beaches have been a busy, exciting, tourist attraction since 1918, when they first opened during the Christmas holiday.

At the end of World War 1, people were looking for a place to relax, and spend time with their families. The war was very hard on families, and spending time with loved ones became a high priority for many returning servicemen. The beaches of Coolum filled their needs.  Even though the beaches were hard to reach by horse, car, or boat, hundreds of people found a way to flock to the peaceful town and serene beaches to camp with friends and family.

The first roads to Coolum Beach were roughed in during 1922, allowing visitors from places like Yandina, Nambour, and other locations in South Queensland. In 1925, a cane tram was built that allowed even more visitors.  Soon, there were over 500 people visiting Coolum every day via tram and car.

Once Coolum was declared a township, more and more people visited, and many decided to become permanent residents of the town. Hunting, fishing, horse racing, snipe shooting, and mountaineering quickly became favorite activites of locals and tourists. As the township became more famous, more activites, including tobogganing, became regular activites.

Camping was not the only way to enjoy the sights and beaches of Coolum. As the number of tourists rose, land allotments were sold, and guest houses began to become more popular as toursits decided to take more than just a day trip to the beach.  One of the reasons that many tourists decided to make Coolum their home, was because, even after the weekend tourists left, Coolum maintained its quiet, farming community feel.

As more and more time passed, word about Coolum and it’s beaches spread further and further, and now, Coolum is still a bustling hub of tourist activity. Tourist numbers have  increased by the hundreds since the beaches first opened in 1918, but the township of Coolum still remains a quaint, friendly town, that still has its wonderful, wide open and serene beach and secluded bays.

Today, visitors have no problems getting to Coolum, and camping and guest houses, though still available, have given way to resort hotels and budget motels.  Besides sunbathing and swimming, there are now walking and hiking trails to enjoy, food tours in and around town, and even nearby wineries for visitors to enjoy.

Even with all the available accommodations and activites available to day in Coolum, it is not hard to find  the friendly face of the local townspeople. The true heart of Coolum is still alive and well, just as it was all those years ago when it served as a relaxing hideaway for returning servicemen from WW1.

So if you’re planning a holiday as a couple or as a family, make sure you look at visiting Coolum Beach.

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