Planning a Sunshine Coast family Christmas vacation

Enjoy a Sunshine Coast Christmas holiday

Planning a Sunshine Coast family Christmas vacation

Christmas can be a wonderful and festive time of year. For many people, it is not the gift-giving that makes this holiday so special, but it is the ability to spend quality time with loved ones.


One thing that can really put a damper on festivities is the possible inclement weather that is customary this time of year in many places. Of course snow, frigid weather and icy roads can make it nearly impossible to get out and shop, let alone participate in activities together. This is why many families opt to travel to warm destinations during this holiday, as it can increase their enjoyment a great deal. If you are considering traveling to a warm destination to spend the upcoming Christmas holiday, what vacation spot could be more exciting than Coolum Beach?

Where is Coolum Beach Located?

Coolum Beach is located in Queensland, Australia. It is a safe beach town that offers beautiful beaches that are ideal for swimming and surfing, and it is within 15 minutes of the airport, which many tourists find to be very convenient. What kinds of activities are there in Coolum Beach? No matter what you and your family like doing, you can find it in Coolum Beach. There are many delicious restaurants to dine at, and many places to shop. You and your loved ones can opt to take long bike rides, hikes, or even sightsee. You might even prefer to spend time tanning on the beach, which is, of course, an option, as well. There is even the opportunity to golf while in Coolum, at the 72-par, 18-hole golf course. Another option is to visit the zoo, the amusement park, Aussie World, and much more. Clubb Coolum When it comes to lodging in Coolum, you and your family will be quite impressed, as Clubb Coolum offers beautiful, luxurious and spacious accommodations. These accommodations are ideal for families, no matter how large your family might be. You and your family will love the comfort and convenience of these lush accommodations, as well as the ability you will have to relax in style by having a massage or unwind in a Jacuzzi or pool. So if you’re tired of tackling inclement weather in order to spend quality time with your family during the holidays, then you would enjoy spending Christmas in Coolum Beach immensely. Not only will you not have to contend with mounds of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and slick roads, but you will have the ability to relax and truly enjoy your Christmas holiday with your loved ones.