5 most relaxing things to do in Coolum

5 most relaxing things to do in Coolum

5 most relaxing things to do in Coolum

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations, and if you’ve been there yourself it’s not hard to understand why. Beautiful weather, amazing white sandy beaches, a pretty unique temperature which allows you to swim all year round, though it can be slightly chilly in winter, but you can always thaw out under the cloudless blue skies.

There is plenty to see and do when you visit the Coast and everyone has a different reason for visiting.

For starters, it’s the idyllic place for a family holiday, as things are relatively cheap, and unlike other destinations such as Surfers Paradise, it’s very family orientated, with plenty of things for the kids to do, including a visit to Australia Zoo, maybe explore the depths of Underwaterworld, or race around the track at Australia’s largest privately owned go kart track at The Big Kart Track.


The only problem with an action-packed holiday is it always seems to end way too soon!

For this reason, many visitors to the Sunshine Coast decide to head up to a quieter stretch of the Sunshine Coast between Mooloolaba and Noosa, to Coolum Beach.

What makes Coolum really stand out from the rest of the Sunshine Coast is the laid back atmosphere of the whole town, and you can feel it as soon as you drive into town. You have the beautiful beach on one side of the road and the modern yet casual streetscape where you’ll find locals and visitors simply relaxing and enjoying their surroundings. It’s the kind of place that as soon as you get out of the car you feel like a local.

So, one thing to remember, if you are planning on a Coolum holiday, you are there to do nothing but relax!

But if you are one of those people that find it hard to relax, even in beautiful Coolum, here are a few hints to help you unwind and enjoy your break.


1. Climb Mt Coolum.

Ok, this sounds like hard work, right? Actually it’s a quite relaxing walk through the Mount Coolum National Park, and up to the top of the 208 metre isolated volcanic dome, where you are rewarded with magnificent views overlooking the Sunshine Coast.


2. Wrapped for relaxation

For those that enjoy being pampered and relaxed at the same time, if you are staying at Clubb Coolum Beach Resort, we recommend a body wrap from WaterLilys mobile massage. You’ll get the ultimate treatment, and you don’t even need to leave your room!


3. A relaxing oceanfront dinner

There is no better way to unwind after a day at the beach soaking up the seabreeze, than dining out with magnificent views and sounds of the coean in the background. The Paradise by The Sea Thai restaurant is located onsite at Clubb Coolum Beach resort and offers diners some of the tastiest authentic Thai in a relaxing atmosphere. The cocktail bar is also a great place to start an intimate evening of relaxation.


4. Find your own piece of paradise.

We hate letting the local secrets out of the bag, but just a few metres south of the main Coolum Beach you’ll find some great little secluded private bays which are ideal for snorkelling, swimming or just sunbathing, and most of the time you’ll find hardly a soul there.


5. Do nothing at all!

Thats right, who would have thought that doing nothing could be so relaxing?
Clubb Coolum Beach resort is one of the only multi-storey buildings in Coolum Beach, so you’ll find you’ll have probably the best views anywhere in the area, perfect for just sitting out on the balcony catching the seabreeze, with a coool drink in one hand and a quiet novel in the other.

Now isn’t this what a relaxing holiday should be about!

For more information on a relaxing Coolum Beach holiday, visit www.ClubbCoolum.com.au