The Sunshine Coast’s best scenic walks

Noosa National Park near Coolum

The Sunshine Coast’s best scenic walks

The Sunshine Coast’s best scenic walks

Do you love the adventure and beauty of the outdoors? Well, Sunshine Coast offers the greatest bushwalking trails with beautiful nature and wildlife.

Located just a few kilometres from the Clubb Coolum resort at Coolum Beach, the nature trail on the Sunshine Coast will offer you some of the most beautiful scenery in Australia. Here are the popular the best scenic walks on the Sunshine Coast.


Noosa National Park

Located just a few kilometres drive,the Noosa National Park offers gorgeous scenic walks along the inland rainforest and coastlines. The park has five different trails that range from easy to moderate skill levels, so you can easily find a trail that matches your need. The rainforest trails offers glimpse of rare black cockatoos that inhabit the area. You can as well see dolphins playing in the surf, koalas sleeping in the trees and manta rays along the coastline. You can choose to hike through groove circuit, Noosa hill and Tanglewood trails while having ocean views.

Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary

Located just a few kilometres from Clubb Coolum resort at Coolum Beach,  Moroochy Wetlands Sanctuary allows you to explore the wetlands and rainforest. You can take a kilometer nature trail that has a sealed boardwalk to keep you safe and protected through the wetlands. You will be able to explore melaleuca forests, eucalyptus forest, salt marches, Casuarina woodlands and mangroves. Visit the Bilai Environmental Education Centre for spectacular views of over 300 native bird species.

Mooloolah River National Park

The Mooloolah River scenic walks are easy hiking places with even surfaces that are perfect for hikers with little experience. The scenic walk winds along the river with picturesque view of the tropical rainforest and the river. You can explore Melaleuca walking trail, which takes you through a beautiful rainforest, a eucalyptus forest and the great Melaleuca swamp. Along the Mooloolah River banks, you can expect to see a few platypuses at dusk and at dawn.

Glass House Mountain National Park

Located just 2 km from the Glass House Mountain village, this nature walk provides something for all ages. The trail can accommodate hikers with no hiking experience as well hikers with more experience. The trails for beginners are 5 km to 10 km long with flat even terrains, while harder trails are 15 km to 20 km long with various terrain levels that even include steep cliffs. These trails also provide restroom facilities and picnic tables, so you need not worry when you are tired.

Kondalilla Falls

Located 40 km from the Coolum Beach Resort, Kondalilla falls brings you to a 5 km circuit walk. It requires a medium level of fitness. The walk starts at the top of the gorgeous Skane Creek, which falls 90 m down the rainforest floor, a great stunning spectacle.

Booloumba Falls and Gorges

Located within the Kenilworth state forest, about 47 km drive from the Clubb Coolum Beach Resort, Booloumba falls and gorges are short 3 km walk. You will definitely love the large rock pool above the fall.

So if you plan on coming to the Sunshine Coast to soak up the scenery, make sure you plan to explore some of the breathtaking scenic walks the region has to offer.

There really is so much to discover on the Sunshine Coast.