Visit Coolum Beach and Escape the Winter Blues

Visit Coolum Beach and Escape the Winter Blues

If you’re from the southern states of Australia, the cooler weather probably has you scratching at the door, just begging for summer to arrive. A visit to Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast is a fabulous way to escape the winter blues. Besides, winter at Coolum Beach is one of the best times to come. The cooler weather makes high endurance activities, like rock climbing, more enjoyable and certain activities, like watching the annual whale migration, possible. Forget waiting for summer. Get rid of your winter blues at Coolum Beach.


Coolum Beach is patrolled by lifeguards every day until 5 pm. It’s recommended that swimmers stay within the buoys as this area is the safest places to swim. The safety protocol makes Coolum Beach an excellent place to bring the children during the holidays.


One of the main things that attract visitors to Coolum Beach is that it is not as overpopulated as other popular holiday destinations compared to the Gold Coast, or even other areas of the Sunshine Coast, such as Noosa, Caloundra or Mooloolaba. Coolum Beach offers a wide open beach which allows plenty of space for everyone, as well as some beautiful secluded bays which you’ll often find you won’t have to share with anyone!

Scenic Lookouts

Head out to Point Perry or Point Arkwright for gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. Both of these lookout points are terrific locations to spend a romantic evening and are easily accessible from the scenic beachside boardwalk that winds its way along Coolum. From Point Perry, winter visitors often see whales on their winter migration. The occasional whale also passes by Point Arkwright, but other sea life, like turtles, are more often seen along the path to the point.

Picnics and Dog Walking

If traveling with pets, the Stumers Creek end of Coolum Beach has dog friendly areas and trails. Once the dog has stretched his legs, it’s time to grill up some BQQ at Tickle Park. Located across from the beach, Tickle Park is easy to find and accessible. The Skate Park at Coolum Beach is also very popular with the kids, and will keep them happy for hours!

Starting Point

Of course, Coolum Beach is surrounded by national parks and other tourist destination. From Coolum Beach, tourist can spend their days experiencing other attractions and their evening walking along the beach. Winter at Coolum Beach is a favourite time for rock climbers and hikers.

So avoid the winter blues with a visit to beautiful Coolum Beach, the perfect holiday destination any time of the year!