A Whale of a time at Coolum Beach

A Whale of a time at Coolum Beach

I have always been fascinated by the wild creatures and different sceneries of nature. I’ve seen countless images, videos, and sightings of animals and beasts from all over the world. I travel mainly because I want to see.

Of all the creatures I’ve seen, I think one of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures is Migaloo. It means “white fella” translated from aboriginal Australian, and it is the only known and documented white Humpback Whale in the world. It was first sighted in 1991 in the beaches of Australia. A unique creature you would want to see up close.

When I first saw it, it looked like a giant iceberg swimming through the blue oceans of Coolum Beach on Sunshine Coast. It was late-June or early July; I was in a boat in a safe distance when there was a movement in the water and a great white whale submerged from down below. Everyone gasped – it was a heart-stopping, most wonderful sight I’ve ever seen. Just glimpse – and then it was gone. After a few seconds it was there again, only closer. It was probably migrating back to the tropical country to breed and then at around October, it will go back to Antarctica.

June is the start of Sunshine Coast whale watching season. Our family visited Australia just for that mere reason. We’ve heard the experience was one of a kind and we decided to take a trip to the Land Down Under. And indeed, it was one amazing experience of a lifetime. It was a beautiful day; not very cold and the warm air breezes lightly. The skies of Coolum Beach were a flare of orange, yellow, and pink against a bright blue sky. Just by looking at the scenery in the Sunshine Coast, a thread of different, connected beaches, I felt content. But when our guide started pointing at a direction far off in the horizon, our breaths hitched and then you can hear the “oohs” and “aahs”. It was the albino whale, swimming across the seas, spraying water and rippling the one-calm waters. At one point it just threw itself up in the air and splashed itself on the water.

Every year, hundreds of tourists and locals alike flood the Sunshine Coast on the Queensland coast of Australia to watch the Humpback Whales migrate and the hope to capture a glimpse of Migaloo, the exotic, white beast. An endangered species, it really was a one-of-a-kind and special experience to see the white Humpback Whale. A truly magnificent experience I enjoy to retell time and time again to anyone. The trip to Coolum beach was worth it. If you’re having second thoughts on visiting and seeing the great whale – don’t. You should go. Everyone deserves to see this wonderful creature.

If you are looking for a great place to stay while visiting Coolum Beach, Clubb Coolum is definitely recommended as the balconies overlooking the beach and ocean offers the perfect vantage point for Whale Watching in Coolum.